Requirements Management

"Driving and implementing change"

Requirements management is an essential undertaking in order to effectively drive and implement organisational change or capability procurement.

Videns personnel have extensive experience of working with a range of stakeholders in both the military and non-military sectors and a proven ability to:

  • elicit, integrate and manage requirement sets that are traceable, well defined, set in context and aligned
  • maintain traceability and provenance of requirements, including links to external source information
  • identify meaningful measures and attributes, enabling high-level decision makers to perform trade off and 'what-if' analysis in order to make informed decisions
  • clearly and effectivity present the requirements to decision makers at all levels of the organisation


We have supported the management of requirements for numerous acquisition and capability deployment programmes across defence, helping to ensure that all requirements have been identified and managed in support of the objectives of the capability owners.

Key Benefits:

  • effective management of requirements for analysis
  • traceability of requirement (origin, change, relationships)
  • gain understanding of requirements in context
  • fosters dialogue and a common understanding between disperate capability owners
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