Concept Development & Visualisation

"One picture is worth ten thousand words"

At Videns we have a proven ability to take a draft concept, work with stakeholders to understand and refine it and then produce visualisations that clearly convey the originator’s message in a manner that can be readily understood by the target audience.

Effective engagement with key stakeholders, augmented by innovative techniques for the representation of new concepts, enables the production of clear, powerful descriptions and visualisations. These visualisations can be utilised to assist in the expression of coherent concepts to decision makers in order to achieve 'buy-in' and focus the team.

Our experience includes the production of visualisations that clearly express capability concepts, operational concepts, mission scenarios, technical solutions, lessons identified, and many more concept types that also lend themselves to the benefits of visualisation.


The skills we have available to develop visualisations and to express key concepts are also readily transferable to support the development of Enterprise Architecture views and the enhancement of navigation structures. For example, an OV-1a diagram in MODAF provides a graphical description of the overall problem domain that the architecture is seeking to address. We also have experience of developing many other core architecture view types using our skills to make them more intuitive and user-friendly for the target audience.

Key benefits:

  • fosters dialogue and a common understanding
  • powerful and intuitive graphical based formats
  • replacement of text with rich pictures and graphics
  • increased meaning, emphasis and context
  • effective communication of complex concepts
  • communicate to a non-specialist audience
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